Attention to Detail

Love the skin you're in and give it the care and respect it needs.

Attention to Detail

Love the skin you're in and give it the care and respect it needs.

Attention to Detail

Love the skin you're in and give it the care and respect it deserves

Services & Pricing

Updated April 2022

Waxing & Brazilian

  1. 15    Chin
  2. 15    Lip
  3. 30    Lip & Brow
  4. 30    Lip & Chin
  5. 10    Between Eyes
  6. 20    Eyebrow
  7. 11    Ear Hair
  8. 11    Nose Hair
  9. 32    Ear, Nose, & Eyebrow
  10. 45    Full Face
  11. 45    Bikini (Maintenance)
  12. 55    Bikini +
  13. 22    Tummy
  1. 30    Chest
  2. 22    Under Arm
  3. 20    Shoulder
  4. 25     Lower Back
  5. 70     Full-Back
  6. 10     Feet
  7. 15     Nape
  8. 10     Hand
  9. 35     Half Arm
  10. 45     Full Arm
  11. 45     Half Leg
  12. 65     Full Leg
  1. Brazilian Waxing
  2. 65    Brazilian (Maintenance)
  3. 80    Brazilian (First Time)
  4. 135    Half-Leg + Brazilian
  5. 155    Full-Leg + Brazilian


  1. 100    Eminence Organic Facial
  2. 115    Eminence Master Facial
  3. 160    Eminence Master Facial (80min.)
  4. 115    Arctic Berry Peel
  5. 90    Dermaplaning
  6. 60    Dermaplaning (Add-On)
  7. 145    de Sanchez Signature
  8. 200    Couples Eminence Facial
  1. 199    Hydra Facial Signature
  2. 275    Hydra Facial Deluxe
  3. 325    Hydra Facial Platinum
  4. 120   Manual Dermabrasion Facial
  5. 165  Micro Dermabrasion Facial
  6. 30    LED Face Add-On

Threading, Brows, & Lashes

  1. Threading
  2. 15    Chin
  3. 20    Eyebrow
  4. 15    Lip
  5. 30    Lip & Eyebrow
  6. 45    Full Face
  1. Brows ± Lashes
  2. 40    Brow Tint with Waxing
  3. 10    Brow Color
  4. 60    Eyelash Perm
  5. 20    Eyebrow Tweeze
All of our facials begin with a thorough skin analysis by one of our abundantly qualified aestheticians. Your aesthetician will design a personalized and unique facial to address your present and long-term skincare needs. Our customized organic facial includes an array of luscious fruit, vegetable, and flowers product to enhance your exfoliation and masque without the harshness of a chemical facial product.
de Sanchez Signature Facial
This signature facial holds back nothing. Deep cleansing, skin resurfacing, and all of the extra facial exercising we are known for.
Manual Dermabrasion Facial
Skin resurfacing can improve the appearance of the skin in one treatment: fine lines, blackheads, skin tone, and buildup of dead skin. Not a typical facial, this treatment focuses on Manual Dermabrasion to gently yet effectively smooth the skin and stimulate blood and lymph flow. This helps to nourish and oxygenate at a cellular level, which can lead to the improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone, corrected surface scarring, and relief from sun-damage skin.
Eminence Master Facial
A step up in luxury and technique, the Eminence Master Facial is an Organic Facial that goes more in depth while addressing a variety of skin concerns such as rosacea, premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, moderate to severe acne, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. Our facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, facial massages, masque, serum and sun protector. The aromas treat your senses and the ingredients impart health and beauty to your skin.
Eminence Organic Facial
A relaxing, essential skin-care treatment to reverse the effects of time and the environment. The perfect way to reintroduce radiance to your face. Whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, acne prone, or a combination of a few, your skin-care specialist will determine your individual needs. Our facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extractions, facial massages, masque, serum, and sun protector. Recommended every three to four weeks.
Women's brazilian waxing RGV

Go Brazilian

Are you going to the beach, going on a honeymoon, or just simply like the feel of being hairless? If so, our Brazilian waxing service is for you! Our expert Brazilian wax specialists will work with you to ensure a completely comfortable and welcoming experience, because we’re firm believers that every waxing session should feel like a luxurious spa-like experience.
Women's waxing RGV

Smooth Sailing

We know that waxing isn’t exclusive to just women! We also offer a complete men’s waxing service that allows men with excessive hair to achieve the look and feel that they want. Similar to all of our women’s services, we also provide a comfortable and welcoming experience for all men’s waxing sessions.
Men's skin waxing

All Types of Waxing

For your general body care and maintenance, waxing is always an attractive option for those with excessive body hair growth, special hair requirements, or for those looking to show some skin in the summer months. With a wide range of services available, we’re always available to provide you with all of your waxing needs.
Women's facial and face massage

facials + face massage

Your facial is a warm, inviting, and relaxing experience specifically designed to leave you feeling refreshed, re-energized, and re-invigorated with the much-needed nutrients, hydration, and moisture that your skin craves each and every day – after all, what else could you ask for with a facial? Facials are used to improve your complexion, smooth out your skin, and even hide signs of aging, and as your facial specialists, you can rest assured that we’ll deliver results.

You may not know it, but your face has muscles too! That’s exactly why a facial massage would do you some good. Our facial massage experts always delicately tend to the various muscles in the cheek, neck, and jawline, to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing massage experience. Leave yourself feeling fresh, energized, and ready to go after your experience.
Women's skincare RGV

Care ± Maintenance

Do you still practice the same old skin care routine? Leave it to us. We’re skin care experts, and we know just what you need to ensure that your skin remains fresh, healthy, and vibrant. From nutrients, to hydration, let us provide you with a comprehensive skin care solution that gives your skin the attention it craves.


Finding the right acne treatment that works for you is never easy, but we’re proud to offer a comprehensive acne treatment that works to heal damaged skin, prevent future buildups and break outs, and leave your skin feeling hydrated – but not too oily. For your acne treatment, you need something proven to work, and we’ll be sure to deliver results.
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