Relaxation + Rejuvenation

Let de Sanchez provide you with the best treatment and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul


When it comes down to taking care of your body, a massage is an integral aspect of muscle and joint maintenance. Designed to relieve tension in the body and provide every last client with an individualized experience tailored to their specific needs, your massage will help to remove knots and tight spots. Perfect for rehabbing injuries or for joint and muscle pain.

Facial MAssages

You may not know it, but your face has muscles too! That’s exactly why a facial massage would do you some good. Our facial massage experts always delicately tend to the various muscles in the cheek, neck, and jawline, to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing massage experience. Leave yourself feeling fresh, energized, and ready to go after your experience.


Our bodies are important to us, which means that every little thing we do to them, put in them, and put on them can impact us either negatively or positively. For that very reason, body care is always of the utmost importance to us. We’ll work with you to delicately and tenderly address your unique body care needs, so that you can be sure that you’re doing everything you can to protect your biggest asset – yourself.
Pricing for Services (starting at)

Body Care

  • $130 — Aroma Sugar Scrub
  • $100 — Back Cleansing Treatment
  • $100 — Brilliant Salt Glow Scrub
  • $120 — Himalayan Salt Scrub

    Parafango Detox

    • $110 — Detox Lower Body Wrap
    • $150 — Detox Full Body Wrap


      • $95 — Relaxation (50mins.)
      • $135 — Relaxation (80mins.)
      • $165 — Sports (80mins.)
      • $185 — de Sanchez Four-Handed Massage
      • $105 — Prenatal Massage (50mins.)
      • $145 — Prenatal Massage (80mins.)

      Detox Massage

      • $105 — Deep Tissue (50mins.)
      • $150 — Deep Tissue (80mins.)
      • $140 — Cupping Fire Therapy (50mins.)
      • $115 — Hot Stone Massage (50mins.)
      • $130 — Cupping Therapy (50mins.)
      • $180 — Cupping Therapy (80mins.)
      • $155 — Hot Stone Massage (80mins.)

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