Guidelines & Etiquette
Arrival Guidelines
Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled appointment to allow yourself time fill-out any paperwork that may be required for your service. If you wish to shower, use the relaxation room, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi before your service, we advise arriving at least an hour before your scheduled appointment to give yourself time to relax and wait for your technician in the relaxation room. Late arrivals will be subject to reduced treatment times.
Minimum Age
The Spa is an adult facility and appropriate for guests 18 years of age and older. Customers 16 and under may use facilities if accompanied by their guardian of the same gender.
Facility Fee
Use of the spa requires a daily fee. For those with a reserved spa treatment (facial or massage), there are no additional charges for spa facility use on the day of service.
For the safety and security of our guests and employees, professional and appropriate behavior must be exhibited by all persons at all times.
Medical Concerns & Comfort Level
Guests who are pregnant, have had recent surgery or have anyother medical concerns are advised to consult their physicianbefore booking spa services.
Electronic Devices and Cameras
We strive to provide our guests with a tranquil and private escape from the outside world. Please help us by silencing or turning off cell phones, personal electronic devices, and cameras upon entering the spa.
Service Help
Telephones are located in the locker room areas and relaxation rooms for any assistance or emergency help needed from our staff.
Your Path to Relaxation
01. Storage
Upon arrival and usage of the spa, you are given a locker number and key to store your personal items and clothing.

Please place all used robes and towels in the black caged-basket located in the entry of the locker area. Slippers are discarded in the same area.
Women's Locker Area
02. What to Wear
Robes and anti-microbial slippers are provided for your convenience and professional draping is performed throughout your treatment (if applicable). Please refrain from using non-skid or non-marking footwear in the spa area.
03. Refresh & Rest
Towels, toiletries, and hygienic products are available for use, located in the shower and restroom areas.
Women's Refresh room
04. Cleanliness
All guests who have received treatment and/or have oils or lotions on their body MUST shower and wash off all products before using the steam room, sauna, or jacuzzi.

Please throw away all trash in the small metal cans located under the sinks and in the relaxation rooms.

Hand/face towels are to be discarded in the small black wicker baskets.
Water & Steam
Steam Room & Dry Sauna
Recommended time of usage of steam room and sauna are 15-minutes in each. Do not touch any of the settings inside these rooms, and if for any reason, complications arise, please call front desk for assistance.

All guests who have received treatment and/or have oils or lotions on their body MUST shower and wash off all products before using the steam room, sauna, or jacuzzi.

There is a bowl of iced towels and water located on the nearest shelving area, to use after coming out of the rooms, if desired.
Women's Sauna
A steam room
Men's Steam Room
If garments are desired to be worn in the jacuzzi, please make sure to bring your own clothing items to use. de Sanchez does not provide any swimwear/bathing suits to customers. Bathing suits are optional while using pool.

Please refrain from drinking and/or keeping any beverages by the pool. If any spills or liquids fall onto the floor, please call our front desk to clean up.
Women's Jacuzzi
Men's Jacuzzi
Relaxation Room
The relaxation room is a quiet area and all guests should be respective of the people and property in the spa.

There are snacks, tea, coffee, and flavored water that are provided for guests.

Please use correct cup for hot and cold drinks, and be advised that tea and coffee water is hot, and should be handled with care.

Directions for use of kettle are here:
Tea Kettle Usage

Alcohol is not encouraged but white wine is available. Red drinks and/or wine is prohibited from the spa area, and if bottles are brought in by guest, they are to be stored in the front of house throughout use. Maximum of 2 drinks.

Glass is not permitted in the spa areas and all drinkware must be plastic.
Women's relaxation room
Men's relaxation room